Finding your way

The main entrance to our hospital is on Robin Warren Drive, which is accessible from Murdoch Drive.  Please visit an information desk for directions on how to locate specific areas. The desks are found at entrances and key locations throughout the hospital. You can identify them by the green strip and the information icon.

The main hospital concourse runs through the building from west to east. Most public services and facilities you will need to access are available off this concourse (For example: café, outpatient clinics, pharmacy, ATMs).

You can access the wards via two sets of lifts found off the concourse. The lifts are coloured blue (for the western or ocean side) and orange (for the eastern or desert side).

The wards and floors use a number and letter sequence. The number indicates the level and the letter is uniform for levels 3 to 7. For example ward 4A would be found on level 4, northeast tower. Bed numbers are clockwise from the ward entry and the first number of the bed indicates the level number.

Interactive kiosks that provide public access to an electronic map system can be found near entrances and friendly volunteers will be available to help you find your way.

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